Precooked bases for Pinsa

Who we are

 We are an artisan laboratory located in Lombardy, in municipality of Seveso, about 22 km north of Milan. We are completely dedicated to the production of precooked bases of Pinsa in lot of sizes.

From our headquarters we are able to meet the requests of our customers located in the country, both at national and international level. Our distribution and sales network puts our company in direct contact with our customers.


Pinsa is a review of an old recipe that dates back to the time of Ancient Rome, it's much older than pizza. The original recipe comes from peasant populations, which thanks to the grinding of cereals (barley, spelled and millet) and the addition of salt and herbs, they cooked these crusades or buns. The term Pinsa comes from Latin Pinsere who means 'stretch-crush'. This classic recipe has undergone several revisions over the centuries, until it reaches the present day.

The main characteristics of the Pinsa are:

  • The shape who is oval or rectangular (never circular)
  • The fragrance (soft inside and crunchy in the edges)
  • Digeribility (thanks to different yeast techniques a special flour coming from a secret recipe)

We can say Pinsa is a better alternative of pizza thanks to its high digestibility, its healthy and its low in fat and calories.

what we offer

Amore Pinsa Production's goal is to give our customers the possibility to have a new high quality hand-made and healthy product, while saving a lot of time. Our  ready-to-use bases can be easily completed with ingredients and seasonings you prefer and then cooked in a few minutes. Thanks to the excellent quality, our products can be widely used and be offered in all kind of catering or food retailers such as restaurants, pizzerias, pubs and bars, rotisseries and bakeries or also supermarkets....


All of our bases are entirely hand-worked and  packed with a freezer system. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is also available upon request.

We make our bases in 3 differents sizes:



monoportion pinsa

Made with a dough of average weight of 135 grams, it has a size of cm. 19x21 *, indicated for "Street Food" and for all events that provide fast food.

Packed in cartons of 60 BASES.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is available upon request.


Made with a dough of average weight of 250 grams, it has a size of cm. 19x38 *, suitable for dining at the dish, for resale at the counter or take away.

Packed in cartons of 40 BASES.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is available upon request.


Made with a dough of average weight of 375 grams, it has a size of cm. 19x60 *, suitable for sale at the counter, both in weight and in size.

Packed in cartons from n. 20 BASES.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is not available.



* Being a highly crafted product, the measures shown may be subject to minor variations.

how to buy

You can buy our products or ask for more infos:


  •  calling the telephone number  +39.0362.1448948 or +393470042990 (from monday to friday, from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm.)


  • sending an e-mail to  

in e-mail you have to tell the size of base you want, the amount of it, all your datas, shipping address and a telephone number where we can contact you.  We will send an order confirmation with directions for payments and delivery time.